Long Live Your Car

Mistake # 1
Not Reading the Owners Manual

A guy leaning his car

Think about it... do you even know anyone who has?
If the average car on the road will be with you for 12 years shouldn't you know a little more about it?
Is there anything other than your kids, your house and your spouse (maybe) that you keep around for that long?

Unfortunately most people put the manual in the glove compartment when they purchase a car and never pull it out until something breaks
This is like eating a candy bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for months and then wondering why you've developed major health problems

Why read the owners manual?

  • Your vehicle's Owner's Manual is one of the best sources of useful information about your car
  • It teaches you how your car works - it is the Dr.'s Guide to a healthy car:
    • check the engine oil
    • change the bulb
    • use an overdrive when towing a trailer
    • change the tire & know where the jack is located


  • Jiffy Lube Saving
  • Fleet Services