Long Live Your Car

Mistake # 3
Not Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck

Little things make a big difference

  • A new study conducted by AutoMD revealed, Car owners who go to dealers versus chains spend $1,209 vs. $903 per year
  • A $306 difference
  • Over the average person's driving lifetime this will save over $18,000

And for luxury car drivers...
If you drive a luxury car, you can save as much as $72,000 over your driving lifetime
Dealer vs. Oil Change Shop

  • At dealers, the biggest cost differentials are on both the simplest and most complicated jobs

"Routine maintenance, like oil changes, will be much cheaper at independent or chain shops... Since all cars need oil changes, dealers use them as a profit center!"
      ~ Auto MD President Shane Evangelist

One of today's greatest myth's...

"A lot of people think you have to go to a dealer for maintenance to keep your warranty and that is absolutely not true"

~ Bill Csogi, 18 year ASE Certified Master Mechanic and owner of Car Critic, an automotive inspection, appraisal and investigation company

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